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August 6, 2018

  In last months newsletter, I explained that I felt the stock market was at an inflection point. While the S&P 500 was still in an uptrend, several important sectors such as financials and industrials were lagging and sitting right at...

Weekly Stock Market Update

A Tale of Four Sectors – July 2, 2018

Stock Market Update   Bias:   Neutral for Stocks – The stock market is at a major inflection point   ·    I have been bullish since the early part of 2015 when stocks emerged out of a mini-bear market. However, over the past month, I have...

Weekly Stock Market Update

New and Improved – May 7, 2018

In my ongoing quest to improve my newsletter, I am changing the format. Instead of going out weekly, it will be sent monthly, on the first Monday of each month. Also, I will provide more content that will be of greater value. I welcome you to email...

Weekly Stock Market Update

Concise Update – April 23, 2018

Stock Market Update I am not publishing a comprehensive newsletter this week in that I am currently at an industry conference; however, my bullish view on the market has not changed and is summarized below. The Bottom Line Bias: Positive for Stocks...

Weekly Stock Market Update

Bullish Momentum – April 17, 2018

Stock Market Update The support that I indicated was so important in my last few newsletters has held, as we expected, which adds fuel for a bullish resolution to the short-term correction that we have been in since the beginning of February. This...

Weekly Stock Market Update

Inflection Point – April 9, 2018

Stock Market Update Two weeks ago I wrote about how market technicals were suggesting internal strength and thus the market was likely to continue its uptrend once we exited the current short-term correction phase that we are in. Last week I wrote...