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Weekly Stock Market Update

Bullish Momentum – April 17, 2018

Stock Market Update The support that I indicated was so important in my last few newsletters has held, as we expected, which adds fuel for a bullish resolution to the short-term correction that we have been in since the beginning of February. This...

Weekly Stock Market Update

Inflection Point – April 9, 2018

Stock Market Update Two weeks ago I wrote about how market technicals were suggesting internal strength and thus the market was likely to continue its uptrend once we exited the current short-term correction phase that we are in. Last week I wrote...

Need To Know

San Diego – Here I Come – March 29, 2018

San Diego – Here I Come I am planning a trip to San Diego to meet with clients in order to review their accounts. I am tentatively looking at July and will be staying at the Hilton San Diego Resort and Spa. While I am there I will be meeting...

Need To Know

Risk Review – Feb. 26, 2018

    Most people don’t worry about risk in their portfolios until they lose an amount of money that makes them uncomfortable. As a risk manager, I usually get the most inquiries into my services after the stock/bond market has fallen...

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