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Monthly Newsletter

Tweets, Tariffs and Technicals

Market Update   The stock market has pulled back over the last month based on the realization that the trade war is not going to be ending any time soon. The effect of tariffs is that they provide an additional headwind for an economy that is...

Market/Account Updates

Tariffs and a Stock Market Sell-Off

Trade wars are back in the news and the financial markets are worried about a breakdown in trade negotiations that could result in Trump raising tariffs on Chinese goods by the end of the week. As I mentioned in my May 2019 Newsletter, the stock...

Monthly Newsletter

Short and Long-Term Market Forecast

Market Update I would like to start our May newsletter with a brief explanation of how I analyze markets. Then share with you what that analysis is suggesting about the current market environment. If you are not interested in our process and just...

Tech Talk

Stock Market Technicals Turn Short-Term Positive

In my ongoing effort to make my content more beneficial for clients and prospects, I have been using fewer charts and technical jargon in my monthly newsletters and updates. Instead, I am relying on more concise commentary to explain what is going...

Monthly Newsletter

Gaining Momentum

Market Update As I mentioned in my March newsletter, the stock market has churned sideways for the past 14 months. This sideways consolidation has been accompanied by some big moves both up and down, as you can see from the chart below. Global...

Market/Account Updates

Market Ripe For a Short-Term Pullback

We did get a bullish breadth thrust with the advance off the December lows and this suggests that stocks should be bullish over the intermediate-term. Short-term breadth, however, is suggesting that the market is ripe for some type of near-term...

Monthly Newsletter


Market Update   Price Action – The S&P 500 Index (market proxy) The month of February saw stocks continue to advance. The move off the December lows has been impressive. However, if you zoom out and look at the market from a longer...

Monthly Newsletter

Getting Perspective on the Markets

Housekeeping I write monthly newsletters that are posted on the first Monday of each month. In addition, I post periodic updates dependent on what is going on in the markets. I did not post any updates in January because I had my tech guy working on...

Market/Account Updates

Client Account/Market Update

Going into 2018 everyone was bullish, including me. We were experiencing one of the longest bull markets ever, stocks had advanced strongly the year prior with hardly any volatility, and January didn’t disappoint with a parabolic move higher...

Market/Account Updates

If It Walks Like A Duck….

If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it probably is a duck.  Even if it technically is not a duck – yet. The S&P 500 has not fallen 20% yet, so technically the current market correction can’t be defined as a...

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