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Thank you for taking an interest in our Stock/Bond Market updates. We are unique in that we use technical analysis to garner strong returns but without the risk associated with the traditional buy-and-hold philosophy used by most investors. If you...

Market/Account Updates

Stock Market Looking Frothy

The stock market is an uptrend; however, that is not to say there are not substantial risks to be aware of. Markets can advance in the face of escalating risk and deteriorating fundamentals. And markets can fall hard the longer stocks advance in the...

Market/Account Updates

Stock Charts Reminiscent of 2016

Inflection point I wanted to send out a quick video to highlight some of the charts that I am watching. Most of which look eerily similar to 2016. The bottom line is that the market could be at an inflection point and what happens over the coming...

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Stocks Break Out and Internals Suggest Caution

Long-Term Stock Market Summary   On October 28, 2019, the S&P 500 advanced to new all-time highs and above an area of major resistance. This is bullish price action. Prior to that break to new highs, the stock market had been volatile and...

Monthly Newsletter

Divergences Persist

Stock Market Indexes The S&P 500 Index is in an uptrend as defined by a series of higher-highs and higher-lows. Today’s close puts the index slightly above the notated uptrend line and at an all-time high. Over the past two years, each...

Monthly Newsletter

Market Sitting Precariously on a Ledge

I publish our comprehensive monthly market update on the first Monday of each month. In last month’s update I highlighted the reasons for my bearish market thesis which I base on many longer-term negative divergences that continue to build...

Tech Talk

When the Levee Breaks

Led Zeppelin: When the Levee Breaks “If it keeps on rainin’, levee’s goin’ to break And all these people have no place to stay” This song reminds me of what I am seeing in the stock market. Many long-term negative...

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