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Market/Account Updates

Market at Inflection Point & Account Update

Market and Account Update I believe the stock market is at a major inflection point and odds favor markets falling in the near term. I noted this in our last update that went out May 4th. Since then, market technicals have further weakened, and as a...

In The News

Asset Solutions – In The News

I stumbled on an article that I was quoted in on February 21, 2020. The writer forgot to alert me that he used my content. I have copied my quotes and a link to the full article below. I also referenced Apple’s stock being overextended in our...

Market/Account Updates

Stock Market Update Webinar

Wednesday – April 8, 2020 at 4:00 CST Markets are extremely volatile and risk is more elevated than ever. Given there is so much to cover, I thought it would be beneficial to review market internals using a webinar format. Please join us for a...

Market/Account Updates

Markets Trying to Hammer Out a Bottom

The economy and stock market are cyclical. We are no longer in a long-term uptrend or bull market. The stock market has fallen decisively below the lower end of the up-trending channel (see chart below) that has defined the advance that began in...


Stock Market Continues to Tank!

For months we have been writing about how technicals were signaling elevated risk in the stock market. See our last two market updates: The Long and the Short of It and Stock Market Looking Frothy. The S&P 500 is down 18.5% from the high it hit...


Want Our Opinion?

Thank you for taking an interest in our Stock/Bond Market updates. We are unique in that we use technical analysis to garner strong returns but without the risk associated with the traditional buy-and-hold philosophy used by most investors. If you...

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