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Market Update

Gobble, Gobble I am sending out my newsletter early this week since markets are closed today for Thanksgiving and only open half a day tomorrow. My comments are abbreviated because nothing changed this week. Stocks ended the day Wednesday near where they started the week.

All breadth indicators are still positive and the VIX is still falling. So short-term the market still looks like it wants to rise.

Client Update

All of our accounts are practically fully invested. Aggressive accounts are about 85% allocated in stock funds and our conservative accounts are at 50% stocks and 15% bonds. I will be adding some bond holdings to the conservative accounts to bring them up to being fully invested.

Gobble, Gobble While I believe that the odds are good that stocks are poised to go up in the short-term. Long term things don’t look as positive. Because of this I will be looking to move back to cash if my market indicators suggest this up-move in stocks is over.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

Craig Thompson, ChFC



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