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The Company

Asset Solutions Advisory Services, Inc. (dba: Asset Solutions) is a Registered Investment Advisor founded by Craig Thompson in 2002. Asset Solutions specialize in long-term investment growth with reduced risk.

Asset Solutions provides discretionary investment management for all types of investors, from retirement investors to high-net worth individuals to small businesses. Asset Solutions is strictly a fee-only advisory firm and is independent of any affiliation with other firms. As such, Asset Solutions's investment decisions are made solely for the benefit of its clients and are not influenced by any self-serving interests. Additionally, Asset Solution receives no fees or commissions from any other entity.

Craig Thompson, ChFC


Craig Thompson began his career in 1987 working for a large mutual fund/brokerage firm. Five years later, he began working for an insurance company that provided financial planning, insurance and investment services. He became disenchanted by the failings of the buy-and-hold advice that his firm provided and so he began his own firm in 2002 which focused on active management strategies to help his clients achieve their investment goals without the large losses that are typical of the buy-and-hold strategy.

Craig graduated from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette with a degree in Business Administration. Craig is a member of NAAIM (National Association of Active Investment Managers), and has been a frequent guest speaker on The Financial Advisors Radio Program on News Radio 600 KOGO. Ready to share his expertise, he has provided educational workshops for many large firms, including Solar Turbines, Millipore, IMED, and The San Diego Career Center.

By focusing on capital preservation and employing an active investment strategy, Craig has earned the confidence of his clients as the primary manager of their lifetime savings.

After having lived in San Diego, California since 1988, Craig recently moved to Lafayette, Louisiana to be closer to family. A runner in his spare time, he competes regularly in races that range from 5k’s to Ultra-marathons.